Alternative Moons

The first collaborative artists’ book by Nadine Schlieper and Robert Pufleb.

42 unique photographic images of moons and cosmic landscapes.
42 brand new discoveries unlike you have ever seen before.

»Alternative Moons« won the ViennaPhotoBookAward 2017 and was published by »the Eriskay Connection« in September 2017.

ISBN 9789492051370

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The moon – always source of inspiration and imagination throughout history of wo*mankind. Setting off on the imaginative journey through fictitious space by browsing the pages of the photobook, the viewer is confronted with a surprising fact on the very last page – turning the reception of the whole book upside down.

You are welcome to join the space trip, feel free to discover formerly unseen images of mysterious moons from an unknown galaxy, as the dawn of reality is catching up behind the scenes.

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Robert Pufleb
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